Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dear Readers,

  Please forgive my four day absence from this blog for I am afraid I have been carelessly swept away by the summer. 

  I'm sure there has been confusion as to why I kept inserting links to my Zazzle gallery and Cafe Press images and why they did not work. My Zazzle gallery originally contained three posters I designed for the bands Spoon, Bright Eyes, and Sufjan Stevens. However, I inserted the three posters into the gallery every time, only to find that it displayed the Sufjan Stevens poster. I was very puzzled, and after two days of desperately attempting to restore the other two posters to the gallery I gave up and created an account on Cafe Press where you could order framed prints of my colored and non-colored work. It was until just now that I realized one needed a Cafe Press account to order my prints, and I figured I wouldn't put you through that much trouble, that is why there is no longer a Cafe Press link.

  There have been multiple reasons for my absence alongside the Zazzle/Cafe Press problem that I would rather not get into right now, but as of the moment I shall continue my daily photo. Todays photograph is yet another experiment of what happens when you take a cardboard tube and press against the lens as you snap a shot.


Lily Hydrangea said...

Wow! It almost looks like an eye! Cool shot!
Keep those photos coming! pressure though.

Anonymous said...

Cool effect - you are an inspiration!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Looks like a wormhole to me! haha

I wonder what zooming in or out during the shot would look like?!?